Final Blog Post

Introduction to My Conclusion

Throughout this blog’s existence, my goal has to been to inform readers of insight from various analyses while not boring them to death. In doing this, the methods of writing I have used have been fairly simple. I wanted my posts to be both intelligent and interesting, not filled with dry content. I understand that the purpose of this blog was to enrich my writing experience this semester, and it has done just that; however, many begin reading blogs for their relatable content and personable writing style. I have attempted to balance the spectrum by remaining to write intelligently, but also in a way that is personable and interesting to the reader.


Physical Attributes

Because I did not want to reach too far into the excessively creative spectrum, in my physical attributes I chose simple colors and easily readable fonts. The main background of my blog is a dark purple, and a picture with natural-colored objects sits at the top of the screen. I believe that this color scheme presents the blog as easily readable and pleasant to the eye, and not overly bright and overwhelming. The fonts I chose were all similar, to maintain a relatively uniformed look.

In the individual blog posts, I cut down my analyses and made them more blog-friendly, while keeping the intellect intact. Most, if not all of my posts had similar formatting, again to create uniformity so that the reader is not overwhelmed. For each post, I created a main title, then a body of information below. For each new topic between paragraphs, I would place a title to break up the post a bit. In this way, readers would not feel suffocated, engulfed by a sea of words. To illustrate my writing, I would include a few pictures to bring my content into a visual. This was another way I kept my posts interesting.


Final Conclusion

At the beginning of this semester, I had never done anything like this. My writing reached to the extent of preparing essays for school, reports for work, and random projects throughout the year. Although it was somewhat difficult at the start, posting these blogs has become easier and easier as the semester has gone on. I feel that blogging has enriched my writing experience, and it has also made me more aware of how difficult it can be to transition from scholarly writing to blog-friendly writing. I am incredibly grateful for this semester of writing analytically and this entire journey of experience!




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