First Blog Post

My Beginnings as a Reader and Writer

Beginning from the very time I started to read words or a book of any length, my parents have always encouraged me to read as much as possible. During long car rides, you’d find me reading my humongous stack of books. Instead of actually watching a movie with my family, I would be reading while sitting in the same room. Even if I was put into time out, I would find a way to get my precious books, and would secretly read them to pass the time; until I was caught, that is. My love of reading slowly turned into a love for writing, which I found as a way to breathe. I would constantly read to inhale the books, and write my own stories to exhale.

As an elementary and middle school student, I became quite the little writer. I would make up stories, and those in my family would be the main characters. These stories definitely weren’t the best, or the most well-written, but I always had a blast writing them. Because I read and wrote so much, I became a pretty good speller and won 2nd place at several written spelling bees. As a little kid, I was scared to go up in front of large crowds, and the first place winner of these contests would have to spell orally. I remember misspelling words on purpose, just so that I wouldn’t have to go up on stage! Looking back, I really wish I had put the right spellings down, but I’m thankful I read and wrote so much that I can now spell correctly.

Reading and Writing Currently

As most high school students have done, I have completed many research papers, poems, power-point presentations, and many other writing assignments over the past few years. Now, as an extremely busy student, I don’t really have as much time to read or write for fun as I used to. However, when I do read, I enjoy learning about psychology, medical journals and research, and anything concerning personal experience on long-distance hiking, namely the Appalachian Trail or the Colorado Trail. It is a personal goal of mine to accomplish both. When I write, I usually like to express my feelings through poems, and on a few occasions I have written songs as well. Although I no longer have time to write short stories, I do keep a special place in my heart for them. When I have enough time to write them down, I do!

One day, when I was around nine or ten years old, I began to write in journals. None of my daily writing was anything fancy, but I enjoyed it. It made me feel like I could look at my life as a story of someone, not just a person living life from day to day. When I could read about myself, it made me realize how much I have to be grateful for and happy about. Over the years, I kept filling out these journals and now have a nice collection of about five or six. I think that keeping a journal has helped me immensely because I can try out new styles of writing without having to worry about guidelines. I continue to journal to this day.

Blogging and Social Media

As of right now, I don’t really spend much time on social media and I don’t read blogs of any kind. My idea of an ideal blog would be a place where readers would feel comfortable and could relate to life’s interesting moments. I think that some modern colors would make it warm and enjoyable, yet the colors would be not overwhelming so as not to cause potential readers to shy away. I think that a person’s writing greatly reflects what they think on the inside; therefore, my style of blog might be somewhat analytical with hints of sarcasm. I enjoy observing things, and try to look for aspects that would normally not be noticed at a surface level. The tone of my blog would not be overbearing, but instead would be kind and humble; something somewhat different than what normally arises in life.

I am looking forward to this new writing experience, and hope that it will further my knowledge and skill as I prepare to advance in my education.


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